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Welcome To PDA Buzz

Guaranteed ROI

If your business does not fit with ours, we will almost always respectfully decline to work with you. The main reason for this is that we guarantee ROI for our clients.


We only ever perform SEO work for one San Jose business per industry sector. This is why we can guarantee top rankings for the businesses with whom we partner.


Sometimes we can work immediately on your website to jet propel you to the top of Google for the terms you need. Other times, this is not the best route or the even possible. Either way, we have you covered! We have solutions which will definitely grow your customer base and explode your profits.

Bleeding-Edge Technology

We know we are in the top 1% of SEO experts out there because we know the remainder of the other top 1%! We are part of a mastermind group which currently ranks for over #12,000 client terms at the top of Google. You are not only in safe hands with us, but you will be light years ahead of your competition.

Our Values

We Ramp Up Your Online Brand

Gone are the days when a simple website would do. You now need to be plugged in and able to engage with your potential audience. Not being at the party means that you are perceived as untrustworthy. As San Jose SEO experts, we can position your brand in such a way that you instantly command respect as the trusted market leader in your areas. In our experience, this is the perfect preface for short-term explosive online growth.

We Improve and Explode Your Customer Profile

Over 90% of customers in the US now actively research goods and services before buying, with over 75% now actively enquiring and buying online. Quite simply, if you are not set up or not visible in the search rankings your one of your competition will be. We will take control back from them and put position you are the trusted market leader in San Jose and beyond for your goods and services. We also get you the RIGHT customers for your business so that you can accelerate to the next level.

We Increase Your Revenue

Increased marketing spend on online initiatives is pointless if it does not make you more revenue, find you new customers, and increase your bottom line. We will undertake a professional competition analysis, for which others charge upwards of $1,000, totally FREE. Ssshhh! Keep it to yourself, but this is the insider secret as to how we can guarantee success before we even start.

We Put You First

Without wanting to be disrespectful, there are lots of people out there calling themselves "expert SEOs" who simply burn your cash. With us, if you do not get results in a ROI positive fashion then not only do we not get paid, but we can guarantee you a return on your investment. We really will put you first. Don't take our word for it though - head on over to the testimonials page so that you can see what some of our customers have to say!

What We Do

Hi there, and welcome to PDA Buzz San Jose SEO. I am Luke Bastin and I run, the most switched on California SEO and Search Engine Marketing Consultancy in San Jose CA.


I am part of an exclusive network of underground SEO specialists. I use a long-standing and stable formula which is currently sky rocketing tens of thousands of fiercely competitive keyword searches in Google straight to #1.

In many cases, these are searches which attract high six-figure monthly searches nationally and globally. They are red hot searches made daily by folk looking to buy stuff right here in California, and right now.

Call (408) 533-8426 to get started – leave me a voicemail if I’m busy

In the past some of my potential clients have hesitated and allowed one of their competitors to jump the gun… when it comes to SEO consultancy I only ever work for one business per niche. Make no mistake: I’m a premier San Jose SEO Expert but I am different. I’m not one of these massive SEO agencies which eats up cash with offices, overheads and training courses before trying to pass this on to you.

I work on my own, underground, undetected. I’m reliable and I know what I’m doing. If you need proof of this have a look at the following screenshot:

San Jose SEO Authority

I do not just get sites to the top of Google. I can help you dominate the top of the search engines for searches which will bring you an avalanche of new business.

The benefit to you is that you get as good or better results than employing a large San Jose SEO agency at a ridiculously small percentage of the fees the big boys charge. My overheads are low, my methods are safe, and the results sustainable. I’m not into empty promises or committal contracts you can’t walk away from: I provide outstanding value to clients I like and share goals with.

If that turns out to be you, I will be able to deliver outstanding results to you and your business no matter the size, demographics, or profile. I will not bug you with jargon or make empty promises.

In fact, ideally I like working on deals where there is risk-free return on investment to my clients from day one. 

The important thing from your perspective is that my methods work and that I am flexible about the business relationship we have. I can do this because we have a blank canvas and it creates a win-win situation for all concerned.

Straight off the bat, however, I will want to make sure that you and I will be able to work together. I am not into people who have a negative mind-set: if you are sceptical about SEO, perhaps because you have been let down before, then that is totally understandable. If you know nothing about SEO, let alone my San Jose SEO services, and even if you do not have a website you like yet, that is fine too. What matters to me is  that we share the same goals going forward. This means you buying in to the value I deliver to your business and the way I deliver it.

I choose my top SEO clients carefully. The result is nearly always massive profit potential for them, measurable locked-in and risk free from day one, and only then reward for me. When it comes to Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, I only ever want to make money if my clients do. Doing things this way I take the risk in the early stages of working with a new client and I am therefore not interested in working with businesses which are price driven. Instead, I work with value-driven business owners so bear that in mind.

Second, I will want to make sure that I am not already working for a business in your current markets. I deliver #1 rankings for my clients and I obviously cannot do that working for two businesses contesting the same searches.

Business is hot all over California generally and San Jose specifically right now and my phone is buzzing. You delaying might mean that I speak to your competitors first. If that happens it will probably prevent me helping you explode your sales. So call (408) 533-8426 to kick things off. Then leave me a message via voicemail.

When you invite someone to do SEO consulting for you, you need to make sure that they know what they are doing and that you will trust and get on with them. If you are reading this then it is highly likely you found me on one of the major search engines. You therefore know that I know what I am doing. And of course if I can beat my competition (the best San Jose Search Engine Optimization professionals) then you can be confident that I will be able to crush yours, even in the unlikely event that they are using one of the SEO big boys at massive cost to themselves.

A huge topic of conversation in the Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing world at the present time is social media and so-called “Web 2.0” sites like Wikipedia, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr and many others. These powerful free social sites can help you launch your online presence into the stratosphere and earn you a mountain of new business, but there is a major amount of science if you want to do this safely, sustainably, and within a short time frame.

It is not just a case of setting these up and letting them perform some kind of online magic act. The Search Engine Optimization techniques behind Web 2.0 success take time and effort as well as skill. I can do this for you and you will be amazed at the results for your business. Often my techniques result in businesses being ranked not just at #1 but on many of the top ten front page listings.

SEO experts need to evolve as search engines like Google get more and more sophisticated. The good news for you is that a surprisingly high number of SEO experts in San Jose and elsewhere fail to move with the times. Some of them pay for low quality links to your site and pass on these costs without much improvement to your rankings in Google and the other search engines. Others may even fire links to your site which end up having a harmful effect.

These techniques used to work but these days they are dated and liable to result in more harm than good for their clients’ online presence. You therefore need someone who can change and use understanding to stay ahead of all the latest changes in the Google search engines. In a nutshell, I am such an expert and I can help you crush your online competition.  The good news is that with some effort harmful SEO work can often be undone and your site can regain the rankings it previously enjoyed.  Again I would be very happy to help your business recover from Google penalties like “Panda” or “Penguin” penalties if this happens to be the position you are in.

But how do you combine sustainable yet safe rankings for competitive online searches? Some Internet Marketing experts have flawed ideas about how to do this, but the internet mirrors life in many ways. Don’t be caught out like this guy!

Oh no - not another Google update!

Oh no – not another Google update!

In your business, you work hard to generate trust with your customers and that trust translates into a connection and transactions. As you know from your own business, the better your trust with your customers and clients, the deeper the connection and the higher your sales. Real Google search engine results work in the same way. Google allocates a SEO “trust rating” to all websites on the internet, so the more good trustworthy sites you have linking to your websites the better your site will fare over time.

And yes you did read the previous sentence correctly: I did say WEBSITES plural – if you are not already, you should be aiming to set up a portfolio of online real estate properties NOW which gain Google’s trust. This is not easy but I can do it for you: knowing which properties to set up and how to boost their trust in Google’s eyes are the keys to success…

I combine this approach with my own network of trusted and powerful information sites. These sites contain cutting edge news pertinent to your business. They are trusted by Google and all the search engines. And let me tell you: they pack one hell of a punch when it comes to rocketing your website up to #1 in Google!

They also provide readers with access to your sites and provide an almost unfair advantage to you over your competition. I own these sites exclusively: the only way you will benefit from them is if we work together.

As I said before, there is a real business buzz right now all over the county. Business is red hot in San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Campbell, Saratoga, Milpitas, Bay Area, San Francisco and all over the San Jose CA area. Last year, businesses like yours paid Google way over $3,000,000,000 on average every single month (yes, that is not a typo: over THREE BILLION DOLLARS on average every month!) for advertising their sites, which shows you the profit potential of getting good unpaid Google rankings.

I can get you paying customers with this profit potential for a small fraction of the normal cost, at incredible return on investment to you, and virtually risk-free, but only if you call me. You do not even need a website to get started: can offer you outstanding website design, online reputation management, video marketing (a specialty of mine – see the examples below), online marketing advice and a hell of a lot more.

Call (408) 533-8426 to get started – leave me a voicemail if I am busy.

So if you are a business owner in San Jose California, hopefully you can see by now the enormous rewards for taking action and being successful online: in fact, SEO has been essential to success for larger businesses for some time. Search Engine Optimization is becoming critical to local business in 2014, however, and will likely remain so. Some newer or smaller business owners are unsure about exactly what SEO is, but the concept is quite simple to understand.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines are essentially information collectors and providers: they collect details from websites and then when a “user” types in a search term, the search engine provides the most trusted relevant websites for the search term entered.

So if you go on the search engine Yahoo and type in “NY Jets”, the results will be the most relevant sites based on the phrase “NY Jets”. Various factors feed in to how search engines decide which results are most “relevant”, including the content on the site and other factors mentioned above. It is worth knowing that Google towers over other search engines so getting it right here is essential to exploding your business earnings.

This is where I come in: I make your sites relevant (or create one for you if you do not have one), trusted and therefore successful in the search results, and especially Google, for the most profitable terms. The result is an army of customers stomping into your business to buy your products and services.

No matter your size you should be investigating the immense opportunities offered by internet marketing and by SEO. I can send you red hot customers looking to buy your products, but I cannot do this if I do not know who you are. So call me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Call (408) 533-8426 to get started – leave me a voicemail if I do not answer immediately.